Distribution of Work


Name of the Department: Planning & Evaluation Organisation, Finance Department,Chandigarh Administration.

Sr. No. Name of Post Powers and duties (in brief)


Planning Officer (1)

Supervision of Planning & Evaluation Organisation


Assistant Research Officer (2)

Preparation of Draft Five Year Plan/Annual Plan

Finalization of Five Year Plan /Annual Plan

Preparation of Budget.

Advice matter relating to Schemes.

Budgeting, NDC meetings.

Works relating to  Schemes.

Preparation of all Statistical statements in connection with formulation of Five Year Plan/Annual Plan including information relating to on going /spill over project/schemes etc.

Evaluation work in respect of various schemes in the Annual Plan.

Misc Planning including District Planning, Rajya Sabha/Lok Sabha Question, State Advisory Committee.

UID Scheme.

P.P.P matters

Flagship programs.

Misc. Planning in training & courses.

Audit matters relating to PEO.

Any other works as to be assigned by the officers.


Statistical Assistant (2)



Compilation of Quarterly/Monthly Progress report in respect of Annual Plan for submission to GOI.

Monitoring of progress of various state / centrally sponsored schemes.

Centrally Sponsored schemes.


Submission of monthly expenditure statements in r/o PEO.

Preparation of Budget in r/o PEO.

Establishment matters in r/o PEO.

RTI matters.

Overall supervision of Store work in r/o PEO.

To assist ARO in preparation of Draft Five Year Plan.

Any other work assigned by the officers.


Clerk (2)

Record- Keeping relating to the seat of ARO.

Cashier work.

Preparation of IT returns in r/o PEO staff.

All type of Store work- Arrangement of stationery and other store items (Proposal shall route through SA).

Preparation of all type of bills in respect of PEO.

Reconciliation of expenditure with AG and Treasury.

Record Keeping relating to the seat of SA.

Any other work as assigned by officers from time to time.


Steno (1)

Dictation work / Typing work as assigned by F&PO/ PO and AROs.

Any other work as assigned by officers from time to time.


Restorer-cum-Gestetnor Op. (RGO) (1)

Photostat/ Cyclostyling  work.

Restorer work .

Any other work assigned by the officers from time to time


Peon (1)

Distribution of Dak and other duties of Peon.

Any other work as to be assigned by officers from time to time

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